About two years ago, I realized that, even though I love competition, it was starting to limit the way I looked at surfing. The magic feeling you feel when you’re surrounded by friends in the water, at dawn. Or the emotion of travelling without a fixed destination with just a surfboard under the arm – those real motivations that kept me going for so many years in pursuit of a dream were being engulfed by results, lycras, twenty minute long heats… But how could I transform what I thought surfing really was into a job? With the help of many people, I started to devise a plan to put my passion into words that could serve a purpose bigger than myself. Today, I’m proud to announce that TAP Portugal, a company I have always admired, saw value in that passion and in the message it transmits – that surfing is a beautiful way to tell stories. The line on the photo below already belongs to one of our first adventures together 🙂






And our story, which will be revealed in more detail further on, will be a story of what it means to be a surfer searching for adventure all along the portuguese coast. It is also the story of what it means to be portuguese – a new kind of portuguese, though: One that combines tradition with youth, history with stories to tell, the beaten paths with unexplored trails. For me, to be portuguese today means to carry the weight of the past while looking forward, that’s what makes us unique. And that is the tale I want to tell.


Stay tuned for more!



The photo on top was taken brilliantly by @thewildgypsyphotography. It is real film and she is an amazing artist, check her out!

Here, a video that shows the hard process I undertook while trying to find my place at TAP.

A @whiteflagproductions… production!



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